Uncompromising Professionalism

Our technicians participate in the highest-quality training in the industry to deliver outstanding service you can count on. In fact, we received the Head of the Class Award in the Repair Shop category — the only one presented in North America — for our commitment to building an excellent team, and it comes through in every vehicle we service.


Air Conditioning

Our certified AC team will prepare you for summer with an expert diagnostic workup of your compressor, condenser and evaporator; a check of your refrigerant levels; and the confidence of knowing you’ll be cool when you need to be. At the very least, we recommend a yearly check of your refrigerant levels, as most cars lose more than half an ounce a year, which could be the difference between a smooth, climate-controlled ride and a very uncomfortable afternoon.


Krown Body Maintenance

McNeill’s has been performing Krown Body Maintenance for over 25 years. With our local climate, undercoating your vehicle will make it last longer and save you money. For more information about Krown Body Maintenance, go to www.krown.com or give us a call.

Important Information for Your Vehicle

If you think you need to have your vehicle serviced at the dealership to maintain its warranty, you’re mistaken. All you have to do is prove that the service was done in a timely manner, which we can help you do as we keep all of your records. We perform scheduled maintenance, comprehensive inspections and oil changes; we’re competitively priced and new-car-warranty approved!

As part of our courtesy inspection, we’ll notify you of any warranty concerns and what your dealer will cover at no charge. We look forward to earning your trust when you give us the opportunity to service your new vehicle.

Snap On


McNeill’s has been uncovering and fixing problems in vehicles for 50+ years, successfully dispelling the myth that only dealerships should be doing this kind of work. And as automotive technology continues to evolve, we’re constantly investing in equipment diagnostician training to stay ahead of a rapidly changing industry. We perform diagnostic work on domestic, European and import models.



Safety is our number-one priority and that starts with finely tuned brakes. Our teams are trained in every aspect of braking systems, and can identify issues before they become problems — and problems before they become disasters. Our comprehensive brake inspections come with easy-to-understand explanations of what we found and what we fixed so you know where your money went and why.

Complimentary Courtesy Inspections

We know that an early diagnosis of a problem can save you money and keep you driving safely. So as a shop standard, and a valued bonus to our clients, we fully inspect every vehicle we service. We document the process electronically and provide you with a written report of what work needs to be done and why.


Hunter Wheel Alignment

Driving a well-aligned vehicle is one of the best ways to stay safe and fuel efficient. Given what good tires and wheels cost, we make sure every vehicle we service is aligned correctly using a Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine — the undisputed industry leader. Its CodeLink® system even links directly to newer vehicles’ onboard diagnostic system for exactly the right measurements.

If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, even a little bit, an alignment is a good idea.



We deal with all major tire brands and can get most of the sizes they make. If you’re not happy with what you’re riding on now, a member of our expert tire team can recommend a better option for what you’re looking for from your ride. We’re also proud to offer a complimentary Road Force analysis with every tire balance to ensure a perfect fit.

Credible Inspections

After our professional technicians perform an inspection on your vehicle, a clear and concise summary of results will be provided to you in print or electronic format. Reviewing it with you, we’ll clearly communicate what your vehicle requires and what is being suggested. The inspection results will also identify all the items that checked out ok. You’ll have full confidence that everything was checked, and our team will be accountable to the results provided.

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